English in polish church?

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English in polish church?

Postautor: zefciu » 22 lut 2017, 6:44

Do you think english language could make its way into polish liturgy? Apart from the Easter Gospel reading which is usually done in as many languages as possible? Apart from the Easter Greeting? Are there orthodox people attending liturgy in Poland that would accept e.g. one ektenia in English as "their language"?

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Re: English in polish church?

Postautor: kaeru » 22 lut 2017, 7:52

I've met a few people in Polish churches whose native language is English, several more that would prefer English over Slavonic in services. Even last Sunday I noticed a black man in church.

On further thought probably about 40% of people who attend churches in Poland would understand more from services in English than in Slavonic.

Having wrote that, I see 0% of chance to have some services in English given the problems you have with services in Polish. And I do not think they are really needed.

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Re: English in polish church?

Postautor: KłopotliwaOwieczka » 22 lut 2017, 10:10

I think in big cities, and above all Warsaw, there is a need to celebrate even the whole Liturgy in English, even once half a year (the same way as it's done for Romanians and Greeks); there are Orthodox immigrants from USA, Canada, Africa, India... Even if English is not primary language for them, it's much more understable than Church Slavonic, in some case probably also than Polish.

BTW, I've heard the Apostle and Gospel reading in English not only for Pascha, but also for the Nativity. And I've heard one ekteny done in English on non-festal day, however the deacon was Canadian married to a Polish and serving in the Polish Orthodox Church.

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